Art just happens to be a better way of explaining myself. You never really know how an artist feels about something until they take the time to paint it for you. I see being an artist as a vital form of expression. It is the emotion that an individual can sink into a piece and never need to disclose. The observer doesn’t need to understand me, or what I am trying to accomplish, in order to appreciate my work.

For all of the artists that you have never met, as the observer, hopefully there are no underlining stereotypes or negative associations that will disable or hinder you from seeing the artist’s work as nothing less that what they have intended. Further, it would only take away from your experience as the observer, if you were to think that there is something more to such a simple task. No study or revision is necessary in order for you to better prepare yourself for your job as the observer.

It doesn’t matter what I am trying to accomplish, and so…. To make one thing clear, this is not a sob story of miscommunication between the artist and the observer. Rather, only to recognize how nice it is to simply stand back and enjoy

Art is the focus, Painting is the tool, Good Vibes are the message




Kris Kupskay

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